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In this post we cover how to setup Azure Active Directory to provide the authentication for a Kaseya Virtual System Administrator server using single sign on through SAML. These instructions assume you have access to a Kaseya VSA server (with

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Some users have reported issues with Vegas pro and it getting stuck or crashing while building peaks. This is either during opening a project or importing media to the project / timeline. This appears to be occurring on files with

Recently I’ve been asked by a few people in my office around permissions for calendars in Office365 and PowerShell commands to manage these. Most places and sites list how to add and remove permissions but few mention how to edit

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Blizzard and Battle.Net have been hit with major DDoS attack that has taken Battle Net and it’s content offline. Update as of 11:50a.m 24th Aug GMT Blizzard have advise this DDoS attack has subsided and is no longer impacting services.

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Steam users around the world logged into the Steam client and websites today to be greeted by changed languages on the storefront and account details for other users in what appears to be a major security breach. UPDATE 30th Dec

I’ve noticed a slight issue with this site today. This has been resolved now but may have been a security breach on the backend of the site. I’ve made a few changes and added in some more security to the

I have now completed all maintenance on this site. All content bar some external images are now loaded over HTTPS by default rather than standard HTTP. Due to some issues with the HTTPS integration with the site this has been

There will be a short downtime tomorrow (17th December) for some site maintenance this will be scheduled between 7 – 8 AM GMT/UTC time. I expect the downtime to not take the full hour however. Any changes or updates to

After many issues with the site being up and down along with the general database errors I have decided to move hosts – If you are seeing this you are already viewing the new website. With this move I expect

A new version of CallAdmin is on it’s way dubbed CallAdmin 2.0 and I am hoping to be able to release it soon. This new version will bring a lot of new features: Tabbed Chat Separate chat area’s are finally