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Bukkit Project Plugins

Last year I started looking into developing plugins for the Bukkit variation to Minecraft.

This lead to me starting development on plugins for the Bukkit server.

I have now released my first plugin on the 21st February 2013.

My plugin is as below:

CallAdmin – This Bukkit plugin allows for a simple message to be sent from the Bukkit server to a small client application to help server administrators manage a server. The messages are sent when ever a person playing on the Bukkit server types the command /calladmin followed by an optional message.
I started development on this plugin as I had a gap in my own Bukkit servers as I had to either be in game or checking the console logs all the time to see what was happening in my servers. This allowed me to know if anyone had any problems without needing to constantly check the logs.

The usage statistics of this plugin are below:

Removed graph due to stats provider being discontinued

Important Announcement

I’ve now discontinued my work on plugins for Bukkit – This is due to personal reasons but also due to the issues the Bukkit project has run into.

At this stage I will provide support for the plugin if requested but any future updates will be unlikely. In saying this I am considering porting the plugins over to another project but have not fully made my decision on this yet.

Edit 25 Oct 2015:
The above statement is no longer valid as CallAdmin has been moved back into active development.

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