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I started development on this plugin as I had a gap in my own Bukkit servers as I had to either be in game or checking the console logs all the time to see what was happening in my servers. This allowed me to know if anyone had any problems without needing to constantly check the logs. The main idea of this plugin came from plugins I had seen in other games such as servers in Battlefield 3 which had commands you could use to call an admin for assistance.

This Bukkit plugin allows for a simple message to be sent from the Bukkit server to a small client application to help server administrators manage a server. The messages are sent whenever a person playing on the Bukkit server types the command /calladmin followed by an optional message.

Over time I have added features to this plugin which included the ability to send messages back to the server, saving of the configuration used to connect from the GUI client, Update notifications in the server plugin, permissions for security and MCStats.org stastics.

I have numerous other features in development which include an Android app that can monitor for plugin messages, multiple usernames and passwords, limited game commands that can be sent from the remote monitor to the server, online lists and much more.

If you have any ideas please do contact me through either a comment here or on the Bukkit page for the plugin.


I have since discontinued updates for this plugin after the issues with Bukkit and Minecraft. – More details on this decision can be located on the parent page http://arweth.com/?p=14

Edit 25 Oct 2015:
Due to multiple requests CallAdmin has been pulled back into active development. Stay tuned for more updates on the future of CallAdmin.

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