Updates to CallAdmin and the Lack of Them

I wanting to address the lack of updates to the CallAdmin plugin at the moment with regard to the changes to Bukkit to the UUID system.   First off I want to say that my goal is to get a version

Garry’s Mod LUA Malware

A new piece of malware that is targeting Garry’s Mod servers and client’s has been identified within the last 3 hours (Around 1:00AM GMT 19th April 2014). This malware runs thougha LUA script that downloads files to clients and uploads the script

Endurance International Group – Hostgator & Bluehost Data Center Outage

On the 16th of April 2014 at 19:00 hours (7:00PM) Endurance International experienced a network failure at its Provo data centre (In Texas, Utah). This failure took Hostgator and Bluehosts servers offline for a period of 14 hours. This outage

Minecraft changes and Bukkit Plugins

Minecraft is changing to a UUID based system rather than using your username to identify you. What does this mean for you and your server plugins? How will I be addressing this in CallAdmin? Jump to the information specific to

PutLocker Rebrand

PutLocker has now rebranded to Firedrive. Users of PutLocker will now notice any requests to the PutLocker site now redirect to Firedrive however links still work as the redirects take you to the same URL under Firedrive. Firedrives new Facebook

CallAdmin – Bukkit Plugin Update

I’m currently working on adding command aliases to the CallAdmin plugin this will allow greater compatibility between other plugins. At the moment I’m not entirely sure what to add the variations as so am looking for some feedback / input from the

Current Projects, TimeFrames and Delays

I get requests fairly frequently about my work and why so many of the things I do are unfinished / still in progress or take a long time to be updated or something along these lines.   To be honest

Work with CallAdmin

Currently I am doing some major changes to CallAdmin such as allowing a in game command to directly call specific admins by their username as well as allowing the remote admin tool to message a player directly without having to