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Updates to CallAdmin and the Lack of Them

I wanting to address the lack of updates to the CallAdmin plugin at the moment with regard to the changes to Bukkit to the UUID system.


First off I want to say that my goal is to get a version that is compatible with the UUID systems as soon as possible ideally before the change to this system.

I am working to get a new version built for 1.7.9 hopefully soon.


However the current delays are due to work load from other factors. For example the next months are when Tax returns are due for businesses so that is taking up a lot of my time along with working on a forum and designing that for a unrelated purpose. There is a lot more but at the moment those are the main delaying factors.

I will work to providing more information on the progress of these updates. At this stage I have once again halted work on the mobile app as with some of these changes will effect the core code of the app so t may be a rebuild for a section of it again. I am looking more towards porting the java app over to an Android app and then just redoing the UI. I still need to look at the feasibility of this but it may work to provide an interim solution.

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