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Minecraft changes and Bukkit Plugins

Minecraft is changing to a UUID based system rather than using your username to identify you. What does this mean for you and your server plugins? How will I be addressing this in CallAdmin?

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The move to the UUID system is something that has been long called for in the Minecraft community. This change will mean players will now be able to change their usernames. The means the current way servers process players by identifying them by their name will become obsolete. This includes the bans list, white list and operator (op) list; as these all use the Names based system they all need to be changed to the UUID of the respective users.

The built-in lists in the Minecraft server such as the Bans list, White list and White lists are all going to be automatically migrated to the UUID system with the new versions of Minecraft. This will be the case for both the Vanilla Version and the Bukkit versions.



Plugins are the next issue with this change. Plugins that store player specific data all have had to use the players name to identify the player. With the change to a UUID system name based storage will no longer be possible.

This issue can only be solved by the developers of each plugin updating the data stored to use the UUID rather than using the players name. This means that a plugin must convert all the player names it stores into a UUID for the data to be relevant. However this does require a large amount of work from the developers of plugins and the staff who have to sort the updates and approve them. Plugins that run on your server will need to be update to function correctly after the change; this means any plugins (that store player information) that have not been updated will be in-able to function correctly and should be considered for removal especially if they perform some critical function for the server.

With this change affecting most plugins available a new update will be required for these this however means that the approval queues will start getting longer and as such developers will need to prepare to allow time for the approval of their update before the release.


I am currently looking at CallAdmin and deciding on the best course of action to get a release that will be fully compatible with the UUID system. At this stage there are only a few commands that will require altering these are the PM system commands and the Auth commands for altering your own password.Currently I feel the PM system will remain the way it is with a few tweaks to the underlying system to use the UUID to identify the player rather than the name.

The Auth system however I am uncertain about. I think the best way to proceed with this system is to include another value to the user accounts which will be the players UUID. This will make the command more complex so I may put in an alternative to create users without a UUID but this will remove the ability to change your password from in game.

Using the UUID on the CallAdmin user accounts would allow messages from the remote tool to always display your in-game user name to the players in the game. You would then be able to change your in-game name and have this update automatically in CallAdmin without the user having to update the username in CallAdmin as well.


I will endeavor to develop this release as soon as possible to make it available before the release that removes the name based system. Any changes and / or progress updates I will make either on this website or at my twitter @arweth.

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