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PutLocker Rebrand

PutLocker has now rebranded to Firedrive.

Users of PutLocker will now notice any requests to the PutLocker site now redirect to Firedrive however links still work as the redirects take you to the same URL under Firedrive.

Firedrives new Facebook and Twitter accounts indicate the launch of Firedrive at around 20 hours ago on the 12th Feb 2014 12:50PM UTC


Anyone who had PutLocker accounts and plans with them now have accounts with Firedrive.

Among the new name Firedrive now comes with a new user interface. This interface reflects the Mega site in many ways and involves a lot of AJAX now.

Firedrive also has a lower upload size for free users and also includes a large amount of popup advertising which is new compared to the PutLocker system.

I have also had problems downloading files from the service with downloads dropping out and not completing this is most probably  teething issues with the new systems given they are less than a day old and unlikely to be related to load on the servers due to PutLocker having the infrastructure already in place.


As I was not a frequent user of PutLocker I am unable to name any other differences the new Firedrive may  have.

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