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Current Projects, TimeFrames and Delays

I get requests fairly frequently about my work and why so many of the things I do are unfinished / still in progress or take a long time to be updated or something along these lines.


To be honest I’m fairly lazy when it comes to things I want to do and actually getting them done. I still have projects I started 5 – 6 years ago that I want to do and have most of the bits and pieces to do but just haven’t done it yet. But this is only a tiny part of the problem for me. I enjoy computer games a lot. In the last 2 weeks I have played over 60 hours of games at a quick estimate which is quite a bit when I have the work I do.

Currently a large portion of my time goes towards my Company ( as I am a co-founder) and the management of that. But at a quick count I have around 15 different projects that I am working on. These are mostly in some form of programming projects but others are server changes and updates (Minecraft and Tekkit), game design (software and web based games that should see the light of day in a year or two or three) hidden services or the TOR network which should help make the TOR network even more anonymous and secure.

Thats just a glimpse at what I’m up to and why things can take so long with me.

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