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Work with CallAdmin

Currently I am doing some major changes to CallAdmin such as allowing a in game command to directly call specific admins by their username as well as allowing the remote admin tool to message a player directly without having to go in game or broadcast to the server.

Unfortunately during development of this I have hit a few issues due to the initial code of the server and clients meaning that I now have to redo large sections of the plugin and server. In essence one issue is the changes cause a memory leak on the server and another is the remote tool freezes in an infinite loop while attempting a connection to the server.

I have tried doing some code patches to rectify this issue but have not been successful so far.


At this point I am stopping development on this branch of CallAdmin and moving to a stage of redoing a large portion of the code. I had planned to do this in the future but unfortunately this issue is meaning I am mostly stuck with the tool as it stands.


I will be branching this into 3 branches for the time being. One which is has the problem in it as I may find a fix to it. Two is my main support for the current plugin so I can keep patching issues and making small changes for new versions of Bukkit. Lastly three is going to be the main line for development to which I will be running the refactoring and development of the new features.


I am considering releasing a version with some of the features above but it will most likely be less stable and still have some issues but these features are fairly important and I want to make them available in some way.


Update as of 24th June

I have now developed a work around for the problems I was having. This has involved some major changes to the CallAdmin GUI login processes so I need to do some extensive testing to ensure there are no other issues. I still have a few more changes to make and features to add but all going well I hope to have the next release published in a week or so.

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